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We use Piggy Paint products which are non-toxic, odourless, kid-friendly and produced cruelty-free.  

The Team


Founder of PinkyPops


My little princess helper

Our Story


Once there lived a girl called Pinky Pop. She was a pretty little princess who loved doing her doll's nails. Everyday she sat in her room painting and talking to her dolls like they were her little friends. 

One night she was so tired from all the painting that  she fell fast asleep in her pink bed.

Later that night along came this magical fairy with her magical dust and in the morning when Pinky woke up she was in a magical world. She could not believe it.

It was 30 years later, she had married a Prince and they lived in a beautiful pink house.

She had three cute little mini Pops and was working in her own nail business which she called Pinky Pops. 

She was so famous from near and far and all the little girls that she used to paint nails for loved her.

She used to make all the Princesses before starting their nails make a wish on a Love Heart and called it a "Pinky Promise". She would make them put it in a magic box where it would go off to a magical world at the end of her day. 

They all loved the little surprise that she would give out at the end after she finished their nails.

 Her prince and kids were so proud of her .

This is not the End it is just the Beginning!  (This story was created by Darcy)


What We Do


Mobile Nail Painting Services for all Princesses age 1 and up:


Event Pop-Ups


Party Packages 


House Visits


Affordable Prices. 


We use non-toxic water-based polish which doesn’t wash or peel off, and comes in dozens of vibrant shades. It is virtually odourless, free of ALL harsh chemicals, and made in the USA.

What We Believe


We believe in ensuring your little Princesses live in a magical world full of Glitter, Sparkle and Dreams.

We believe that all the products that we use should be as “Natural as Mud”. No harsh chemicals, toxins, no parabens or alcohol.

We believe that each Princess will have a magical experience and spend hours admiring their new nails when they return home.

We believe that your little Princess and Pinky Pop will become Best Friends Forever.

How We Work


We provide your little Princess with a magical nail polish experience from start to finish. We get them to make a “Pinky Wish” which we will call a “Pinky Promise” and they leave it in our Happy Tin which at the end of Pinky Pops day travels to a fairytale magical land.

Every little Princess who`s delighted with their new nails at the end of their treatment gets a little surprise with a Pinky Pops Party Bag.

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